Preparing for Team Photo Day

Here are questions and answers about team photos

Question: Do I need to have an order form to have my childs photo taken?

Answer: No!  BUT what I DO need is the athlete's name, the order, a parent's name and cell phone number written on ANY piece of paper.

Question: Where can I go to see the packages and prices?

I have the fom online: click here to see it; also, I will always have forms with me when I show up.

Question: When do I pay?

Please pay before or at the photo shoot.  I have kept my prices the same since I began in in 2014 because I have worked at being very efficient.  Whenever I receive late payment, it decreases my efficiency.

Question: How can I pay?

I have several options for payment:

          1) Pay with cash or check

          2) You can pay with a card by clicking here.

          3) If you have PayPal, you can pay here.

          4) My Venmo is @brewster-burns

          5) My ApplePay is 207-515-0012

Question: Can I order online?

Yes, BUT the options are limited, it costs more, and you'll have to pay for shipping.  It's much more efficient to order on the day of photos. Additionally, you still need to pay $10 for the online access.

Question: Where do I see the photos?

The photo will be here and they will be on this site for a long, long time!

Question: Can I have a sibling photo?

Yes, I do those right after I photograph the primary child.  If you want to order a print, just write that information on the form.

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