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Email: brew@brewstersphotos.com

Phone: 207.515.0012


PO Box 254

Hebron, ME 04238

Instagram: @brewstersphotos

Twitter: @brewstersphotos

Since I've been a kid, I've loved creating things. Whether those things were short stories, tree houses or Batman belts, I thrilled in the process of creating. Forever, I've had that urge to create.

At 56 years old, I've found the activity that thoroughly satisfies that urge: photography.

The work I do follows a familiar pattern for me -- I don't really specialize in anything.  While I am probably most comfortable in team, event and sports photography, I also enjoy doing traditional senior portraits or highly personalized custom portraits. And while I like "getting things right" in the camera, I also enjoy spending time in photoshop playing around.  I'll try just about anything. 

While not with a camera, I teach English at Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School where I've been since 1988.  I live in Hebron, Maine with my wife of 25 years and two kids.

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